Active in Italy since the early nineties, k. De Neve participates in numerous exhibitions and festivals with video and installations.

For these events, characterized by the use of multimedia which never completely abandon the more traditional techniques such as painting - she mainly chooses alternative and underground circuits

Born in the Flanders in Lokeren,

a Belgian town between Ghent and Antwerp.

She has two acadmic degrees: Pedagogical Sciences, University of Leuven in Belgium; Master in Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. They represent the two areas she has been dedicating all her passion and abilities from the start: art and pedagogy of art.

From 2000 she focuses on teaching and pedagogy of art. She teaches at the Academy of  Fashion and the Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia as well as other contexts, where she offers her personal vision on the use of art for individual and social growth.

In 2000 and 2002 she gave birth to her son and her twin girls.

From 2008 she dedicates herself once again to daily artistic research, choosing bees’ wax, crystal and mirrors as her main linguistic vectors. In 2009 she develops largescale triptychs. From 2012 on she has been working on projects involving large scale sculpture and drawings. From 2013 she works on large scale projects for installations on the outside.